July 29, 2017


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Your posture directly affects your health.

October 25th, 2013- International group of Chiropractors releases ground breaking book about health and wellness. If there was one simple thing you could do to give your body its best chance at optimal health and maintaining its top performance, would you want to know about it? The professionals who wrote this book think you would.

“Your spine goes everywhere with you, take care of it” said co-author of The ART of Being Healthy, wellness concepts from the pros. Dr. Tahir helps to identify risk factors of poor posture, and details four poor posture types to be aware of. An increasing number of people are complaining of spinal pain as a direct result of poor posture. The demands of everyday life, from computer work to commuting etc. put stress on the natural curves of the spine. This often leads to a variety of preventable musculoskeletal complaints, including back pain and overuse syndromes.

Protecting your spine is easy and this chapter gives readers an easy protocol to identify poor posture and shows you how to fix it.