July 23, 2017



Positivity Culture: The Intersection of Negativity + Positivity and How To Come Out On Top


Stop, Drop, and Self Care: Success Habits


Get Unstuck: 30 Day Fix-It Program


The Positivity Mindset:  How Your Attitude Can Amplify Your Health




The Power of Posture: mind-body connections 


Managing Stress In The Workplace


Personal Detox: How to deal with toxic people and places 


Soul Searching:  Building the life you want

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Corporate Wellness Programs

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Wellness Coaching

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The ART Of Being Healthy, Wellness Concepts From The Pros.

Dr. Rubina joins international group of Chiropractors who released a ground breaking book about health and wellness. If there was one simple thing you could do to give your body its best chance at optimal health and maintaining its top performance, would you want to know about it? The professionals who wrote this book think you would.